IECI JSC has presented Four Products to Investors This Month

26.08.2013 11:00

Currently all products are in a start-up stage and function as working prototypes.

SENSOMED remotely keeps track of and prevents potentially dangerous health conditions of children, senior citizens, overweight people, and people who have dangerous jobs.

The product is a comfortable and loose enough t-shirt with respiration and physical activity sensors. The sensor data is gathered using a smartphone or access point base station and transferred to a server so that the user can check with it in their member area on the website.

The device has a few more features that are crucially important in examining and treating children: it's easy to use and does not have either cables or tubes. To make it work you only need to put on your SENSOMED t-shirt and go turn in.

SENSOMED measures respiration activity of a person during the whole night: breathing rhythm, breath holding time and duration (apnea), arrhythmia, motion activity, pulse (to be developed), and temperature (to be developed).

And while SENSOMED is a pathbreaking product in medicine, Maptrix is aimed at helping people have a good time wherever they are in their hometown.

Maptrix is a geolocation service that lets you see where your friends and other users are, chat with them online, and meet new exciting people that happened to be nearby. Keep track of the latest offers, exchange photos and share your opinion about various events and places, and find out when exactly your friends are going to join you to make the right choice about your daily plans.

Maptrix is a yes answer to all social needs of young people: staying in touch with friends, meeting new people, sharing news and comments, finding out what others are up to, and discovering new hip places, promotions, and offers in the city, as well as many things more.

Maptrix is the map, people, and places all in one.

INPOST and PlayKey products are IT start-ups too.

INPOST filter is a fancy, comfortable, and helpful device that is to make children healthier and more sociable! It's an easy-to-use device which is meant to control access of children to TV and TV content, audio system, PC, game console, or portable gadgets.

The filter deals with the problem of uncontrolled access of children to various multimedia devices and lets parents limit viewing of unsuitable TV content: action and erotic movies, violence and cruelty, warfare, suicide, weapons, criminality, and news.

Extensive TV watching is the reason why children often have restricted vision and memory and become more withdrawn. They start playing less and forget about dealing with their problems; it's always easier to put the TV on and let them amuse you. INPOST filter gets to grips with this problem.

It' s an easy-to-use device which is meant to control access of children to TV and TV content, audio system, PC, game console, or portable gadgets.

PlayKey is a unique tool for cloud games that's powered by streaming technology which allows you to upload games to any device connected to the web. It lets you play your favourite games that have high technical requirements on simple devices—PCs, SmartTV, IPTV, consoles, and tablet PCs—that have less performance.

You are welcome to find out more about these products and review their presentations on our website in For investors section.



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