Space Glasses Meta.01: Augmented Reality Glasses that Do what Google Glass Can't

23.08.2013 11:40

Spaceglasses META.01 are a combination of augmented reality glasses and infrared cameras that function like miniature Kinects. The project is of prior interest because it shows what full-featured augmented reality glasses can do.

The device is a hybrid of augmented reality glasses Epson Moverio (released last year and are sold at a price of 9) and a rather wide-spread combination of infrared motion detection cameras, similar to the one used in LeapMotion and MicrosoftKinect.

The Glasses are available for preorder for 7 which is not impressive in comparison with the prices of GoogleGlass and OculusRift that sell at 0.

What is of interest is a non-trivial mix of augmented reality glasses with motion sensors. The promo video vividly shows some of the possible ways of using the device.

Oculus Rift will probably have a camera for safety reasons and it’s not going to cost them much taking into consideration camera module prices. They might also add motion detection cameras but even if they don’t there already Rift applications projects that cover this.

We believe OculusRift are the ones to bring augmented reality to a real boost.




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