Project expert evaluation

We can carry out comprehensive expert evaluation of the proposed project and give you expert advice on all possible questions regarding your project. If you do not want us to evaluate the entire project, but only part of it, then look at the issues that we can help to resolve, and ask us about them.

  1. Is the level of scientific expertise high enough for your project? Are the novelty and scientific components clearly defined?
  2. Are your product and technology innovative?
  3. Does your invention have technological novelty?
  4. Has a qualitative assessment of the IP been done?
  5. Is umbrella patenting required for the project?
  6. Is complete legal registration of IP provided?
  7. Do you need IP protection in Russia and abroad?
  8. Is the level of your business plan high enough for the tasks set?
  9. What is the real market value of your invention or project? Is there sufficient market demand for your innovation?
  10. What is the size of investment that is necessary and possible to attract?
  11. Can we put your project on sail? Is it possible and reasonable to put your project up for the intellectual property auction? What is the selling procedure for the project?
  12. Are there targets for organizing the sales?
  13. Are there targets for marketing activities?
  14. Is it possible to make a prototype or pre-sample? How long will it take to make it?

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Project expert evaluation
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